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Death of a flower.

by DeathFlower

I have never found a place to belong.
This burden of existential nihilism.
The disconnectedness from others.
From the consensual reality.
Has created a sense of extreme isolation.
One that is gnawing at the seams of my humanity.
God abandoned me the day I became an object to man.
I was raised as a child to Lucifer.
My battle was over long before it had ever begun.
I no longer wish to walk this earth.
Alone, isolated and misunderstood.
On outcast of mainstream ideals.
I seek my final solace in the enigma of the afterlife.
I have no more purpose.
As my demons have eaten me alive.
My love has died.
My home abandon.
I belong no where.
I am no one.
I will no longer allow my body to be taken.
Death is my only salvation.

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