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December 14th, 2016by Darkspark

I became an atheist earlier this year and find it frustrating that theists from all religions insist that morality cannot be explained without the existence of a god. Things like sympathy and empathy evolved because we are a social species, we need each other to survive. Whats good for your tribe is good for you sort of thing, in small tribes of early humans surviving as hunter gatherers in a primitive and hostile world, you work together or die. Certain things become hard wired in the brain, good and bad. Notice how I said YOUR tribe, other tribes were a threat when resources are at stake. Maybe part of the reason we are so wary of people we see as different.

Ever notice how many of us on this site have trouble connecting with others and site it as one of our main issues, well imagine the motivation normal people have not to do something that would alienate them from the group

Of course that is not the only source of our morality, there are plenty of social/cultural/ historical influences that have built off each other over time. We learn from our success and failure

As we have evolved and our brains grown more complex we are able to think more deeply about these issues.

Why should we be good to each other if there is no god? The answer is simple. However we may have ended up here is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is that we are both conscious beings who understand what its like to exist, we are equal in that regard. Is that not enough reason for us to be good to each other? Why do we need a higher form of consciousness to validate our own existence or the existence of each other?

Our galaxy would take 100,000 years to cross at light speed, its one of about 80 billion in the observable universe. We are homo sapiens, intelligent primates occupying a single planet in an ordinary solar system.  Our short life spans give us a brief window of time to experience reality as it is, whether its good or bad. Our early ancestors didn’t have the same cognitive ability we have that allows us to have these thoughts, in that way we are lucky. We are the only intelligent life that we have contact with, the universe itself is indifferent to us, all we have is each other. Maybe if we realize that those who get this experience next will have a better time with it than we did…

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