December 29th, 2016by Saul_Plastic

another drop in the gutter
but i need a fountain to go
life progresses like my stutter
another day another show
just a face in the crowd
exhaling toxic breath
if you remember me
it’ll be for my death
coughing up cancer
sniffing up glee
and less is for you
because more is for me

i hide in the gutter
its wet like my brain
i’ve accepted it brother
i know i’m insane
i need it to rain
i need the fountain to flow
i need grass to grow
but i need it to snow

i need you for show
you look good on my arm
you look good in the pictures
i’ll do you no harm
except waste all your money
and leave you to cringe
really loved you honey
but i needed the binge

forever i’m stingey
like you i’m a klepto
i need what i need
like bassheads need techno
not a care in the world
about you or me
because everythings darkness
when through the gutter you see

© Saul_Plastic

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