Hell doesn’t exist.

December 17th, 2016by DeathDreamer

I don’t understand the bullshit spouted by so called ‘Christians’ about the lake of eternal fire in which God apparently throws us in if we are not obedient and fear him as the Bible seems to indicate.

First of all why would a loving God, which created us, humans, even judge us for not following the false beliefs of religions which have caused nothing but wars, grief, confusion and pain, and which have been manufactured by leaders to control the masses to their own advantage and purposes since the dawn of time as we know it. Therefore if God is a loving being, he would not punish us for not being ‘Christian’ especially since there is no proof that any of the religious texts come from a higher source. Since nobody has come in the past 2000 years, has been recorded or scientifically confirmed – and science IS the only logic humans have to rely on in this time and age, it is ridiculous to expect an intelligent human to follow a set of rules because they ‘have to or they will go to Hell.’

How can someone with love, compassion and empathy (god) punish a soul she/he created? Why not just eradicate it instead? As in stop it from existing. That makes sense. Terminate their existence. But not fucking torture and punishment in the eternal lake of fire. Only a low-life sadist evil psychopath with no love, conscience or compassion would think it is appropriate to punish and torment a soul after they die, for ANY reason, especially for eternity. That is just fucking… pure evil. Makes me angry.

What does make sense is the initial set of morals, peace good love and will which most religions have in common.

Since the only two things that make sense in this universe to justify the reason of existence is love and happiness, then any path that does not lead to this state of being is pointless.

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