High Focus Centers

December 2nd, 2016by brxken._.lxcks

I have been going to a high focus center, so I would “get better.” I haven’t gotten better, I’ve been eating less. I want to lose weight. Plus, I’m not allowed to cut myself, so if I can’t cut myself then I’d rather starve myself. My mom asked me the other day, are you trying to make yourself suffer? I told I did it so I would feel something. She knows I’m not eating so I could lose weight. But I tell her that I’m not hungry, and yeah part of that is true. It has officially been a year since I started eating two meals a day, with that I have lost 30 pounds. This time I’m going for one meal a day until next year. With High Focus, I haven’t gone for school for more than a month, and I’m going back to school next week. I loved not having to go, even though I still have to do all that make up work.

I also have a few questions that I would like some answers for:

  1. What is the least amount of calories needed to consider a meal?
  2. Is there a website that measures calories? if so can you comment the website below?
  3. What should I tell the people at school where I was that month?
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