I’m a lazy fuck

December 21st, 2016by shatterediris

I know I am, I don’t really do anything with my time…. I know I will never manage to be useful to anybody, I know I will never be able to live on my own…. I should just kill myself really, it would be better for everybody…. Why did I even decide to stop cutting? I deserve to cut myself every day, yet now I’ve very much so broken the habit, and it’s actually hard for me to cut myself now…. What the fuck? Why am I doing so well at not doing this? People like me deserve it, maybe when school starts again I will use it as motivation? That was when my grades were better…. I need to start doing that again…. Maybe I should also stop seeing my counselor, he’s helping too much…. Grrrr I don’t even know what to post about I know I want to but not sure what…. I’m not doing okay right now, and there is nobody for me to talk to currently -_-

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