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by falling_soup

I honestly can say that the drama here on SP is uncalled for. It may not be 100% my place to say anything but I do have a right to say that this has been my safe place for years. I don’t need attention drama seeking idiots to ruin a place that actually is an outlet for people. I have been on SP since I was 14! I am 18 now and have suffered through some serious shit in my life. I used SP to help me cope and I still use it to cope! this is the place where I can let all the negativity and awful things that eat inside at me mentally. I am suffering and trying to cope to the best of my ability. I don’t think anyone else here needs to see petty drama being posted all over SP. This is a place not just for me but several people to vent! We are all here to help one another, listen and relieve our own burdens. I have never thought of SP as an unsafe place to open up. I think that when there is petty drama and false accusations all for drama, and to make someone else feel like shit so you can feel better is uncalled for and fucked up. I think that anyone who is on here and is GENUINELY REAL they can get the love and support that they deserve. I have seen a lot of fakes on here. attention seekers. I also have seen a lot of real people on here. PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY WANT TO FEEL LEGITIMATELY BETTER! Mental illness is a monster. It has a lot of emotional and psychical hardships. Take your petty uncalled for drama else where. I have seen enough and have been disgusted.

I think SP has changed so much over the years and so many good people have moved on to get support from other good people that have connected on here elsewhere. I still post on here because this place is important to me. I care about this place and have vented here during my darkest of times in my life.


If you are reading this and have something negative to say? wanting to start drama? don’t even- you can stop reading my post and go fuck up someone who actually isn’t hurting enough as is, I’m not saying to go pick on someone else your own size- I think that no one deserves to suffer the amount of emotional pain and nightmares we all face with mental illness. I think that you should take your aggression somewhere else and not on other people or yourself. I think people need to actually use this website for what its for! need a refresher? read the rules on the upper right hand corner of the homepage! can’t see it? I have the link right here: http://suicideproject.org/about/

I am so sad to see what this site has become. I think that I am going to take a break for a little while. I can’t sit here and watch this. I said my piece. I hope that this drama can clear up- people who are on here have suffered a fair amount of fucked up things. Don’t make petty drama for everyone to see. If you want to keep in touch with me because you care and actually are here on this site for what its supposed to be here for- leave me a comment with your contact information and I will reach out to you.


Stay strong..

Love Always,



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Riff Raff 12/28/2016 - 8:46 pm

I like your post. YES, I find this forum to be a spacial place. I found this forum after some really hard times and it helped me to deal with it all and stay alive
I have met a lot of great people who were struggling in life like me and I have bounded with a lot of them and still have some of them in my life

the Truth about life…is that Life can be really fucking hard for a lot of people and depression and suicidal ideation can come upon a person who is dealing with tons of shit in life… and YES, this forum at times is a great place to be able to vent and get some positive feedback that can be very helpful to people. And YES it is sad when haters and cruel people come here and say shit to people that is uncalled for.
But for the most part. I have not had that coming here. I have been coming here for at least 3 years and some of that time I posted like every day and got a lot of relief from this forum

This forum helped me keep alive and I got a lot of feedback from people that helped me through difficult issues in life. I do think that this forum is a special place
It gives people a place to vent… and sometimes we need a place to vent other then to the people in our everyday life. Because if you talk about cutting to depression or suicidal thoughts to people in your every day life > you can wind up being stuffed into a psych ward or forced to see a doctor who wil just want to put you on pills and forgive you to do though group therapy.
Well those things can help some people… but there are times… when you need to hear from people who actually know what you are going through and can relate to your situation and I have found that here many many times.
Well I am glad that this forum exists. Its a real special place
Its a place where people are at their wits end in life come to receive help and support and I think that is great

Keep on keeping on SP
I wish the best for everybody

Mf 12/28/2016 - 9:02 pm

I have no idea if you’re referring to a particular situation (i’m guessing you are), but i agree completely with what you say. Even if i’ve been on and off SP, if it wasn’t for this i’m pretty sure i’d be a lot worse than i am now. So… yeah, i’m not going to repeat everything you said, so i’ll just say i do hope SP continues to be a good place to get (and give) help.

Lowlight 12/28/2016 - 9:53 pm

Many people know this truth, but i thank you for taking the time and using the energy to write about it. You helped reinforce my awareness. Stay strong as well!

kaldorel 12/29/2016 - 3:44 am

Who are you to decide who is “attention seeker” and who’s not? Fuck you , *****. That’s the point asshole, people come here to get attention, because they have no one else to talk to. I am glad that your mental illness makes you feel special though…because you are a special kind of idiot.

kaldorel 12/29/2016 - 3:45 am

You aren’t an attention seeker?! Screw you, you piece of shit

falling_soup 12/29/2016 - 3:10 pm

well done troll – well done- you are a **** – no really a HUGE ****! I mean look in the mirror! I was expressing myself and stating a point- you have no right to be defensive – I was not calling you out or anyone in particular – I am just saying how disgusting it is for you and everyone here to fucking make this stupid petty fucked up drama. You of all people too- People like you deserve to go kill themselves because you have your pretentious head so far up your bleached asshole. Thank you for opening my eyes you are quite the character – really fucked up. thank you for proving my point- 😀

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