December 18th, 2016by mysteriousvisitor

We think of the countless millions of people who have been imprisoned, oppressed, tortured, or murdered in the name of ethnic cleansing, nationalism, greed for power and money, territorial expansion, communism, racism, or ideology/religion (well, actually people usually only care about those killed by that last reason but couldn’t care less about the countless millions killed by the first six). How about all the people who have been killed using science?

Weapons. With advancements in technology comes an advancement in the killing capacity of weapons. Think about chemical warfare, nuclear weapons, or any other advanced weapons technology that has been developed throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

How about psychiatry? Of course, you can say that only a small part of psychiatry has been approached scientifically, and I would agree, but it has been widely viewed as a reliable medical field. It has been used to take children away from mothers (even cutting them out of the womb). It has been the justification for the forced sterilization, imprisonment, torture, and murder of countless numbers of people.

What about the way governments use modern technology to monitor its citizens in an attempt to increase control over the populace?

Science is nothing more than a process, a set of steps that one follows to test an idea, but the results of those tests are misused in the same way as everything else. We should stop holding ideas responsible for committing atrocities and start holding people responsible. Ideas are not sentient beings that can make decisions on their own. Ideas don’t exist outside of the human mind.

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