A question for everyone concerning medication, drugs, supplements, etc.

January 2nd, 2017by mysteriousvisitor

This has had me puzzled for a long time and I finally decided to ask. It’s a two-part question:

1. I noticed that people will discuss experimental, prescription, and illegal drugs as they relate to treating depression, helping with life issues, and so on. However, I have never come across one single mention of trying natural antidepressants like SAMe, holy basil, or St. John’s Wort. Why is that?

2. When someone mentions an exit plan involving any of a number of different options, commenters will acknowledge that these can actually work if done correctly. However, if someone mentions a medication combination that actually has a very high likelihood of succeeding, the responses are “That won’t work”, “You’ll just get sick”, “You’ll have permanent damage”, etc. These responses have been both to those who have done their research and planned carefully and those who are just guessing. Why acknowledge that other options can work, but refuse to acknowledge that these options involving medication can work? If the purpose is to dissuade someone, why not just claim that nothing works?

Obviously, I haven’t read every single post and every single comment, so I may have overlooked exceptions to what I have asked.

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