a small dose of hope

January 11th, 2017by who_even_cares

nobody may tell you this.

you may not think it yourself.

hell maybe you have just quietly accepted it for all your life but you need a reminder.

your life has value.

maybe you aren’t strong. maybe you have a disability, mental or physical, that feels like it’s constantly trying to remind you how shitty your life is,

but your life has value.

you may be the shittiest person on the planet for all i know

but your life has value.

you have talents, discovered or undiscovered, that nobody else has. people will always doubt you about this.

but your life has value.

you wouldn’t throw a thousand dollars down the drain, why the rest of your life?

even in the shitteist possible situation you can and can’t think of

your life still has value.

even if all your efforts go to waste, we all die anyways, and you’ll be no worse off than if you hadn’t stayed alive.

the next great novel, next hit single, next scientific breakthrough, next disease cured, next person’s life made better.

they all reside in humans like you.

just because death is inevitable doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down.

i know this might not inspire a lot of people, but if it inspired even one to keep living for one more day, it will have been worth it.

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