January 6th, 2017by Casino96

So, I decided to just make a decent effort to post once daily for a little while if only just to talk nonsense for a bit. Hopefully I’ll actually be consistent with that but I guess time will tell. If I don’t post, by the way, no need to freak out. If I actually offed myself I promise it would be much more melodramatic than going offline all of a sudden.

So, more shit’s hitting the fan lately; there’s a shooting in a Florida airport. Just as I was getting over a 12 year old’s snuff film and a bunch of lunatic scumbags kidnapping and torturing a mentally disabled teen on grounds of race, boom. More bullshit. 2017’s already off to a great start it seems. Any thoughts on what the actual hell is going on? Every time I check Facebook I’m reminded exactly why I need to take my Prozac.


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