Day 3 poem thing (still on track ^_^)

January 5th, 2017by shatterediris

Welp this one was quick and easy to write, maybe because I know a lot of words that sound like what I used…. Or maybe I’m just in a better state to do this…. I forgot to time myself and just started writing when I looked up about 20 minutes have passed…. So I guess this took 20 minutes, but that did include proof reading and minor tweaks to it…. but still 20 minutes isn’t bad a bit over the 15 I give myself, but that’s mostly just to get me started I can take longer…. that’s more of a minimum that I want to force myself to spend with it every day ^_^ This one is weird too -_-


Right now I’m feeling voiceless

Stumped by all of the choices

That to me are presented

To be fully represented

To be in my best interest

They taste sweet just like citrus

Sounds great, yes it does

But I hesitate just because

They are offered by a devil

He wants me to lose a level

So I know I must be careful

But I cannot be fearful

A mistake is not delightful

So I’ll think and be insightful

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