Day 5 (technically 6 but shut up) Poem thing

January 8th, 2017by shatterediris

Welp this one doesn’t follow a common theme or anything, no sense can be made from this…. Guess still better to have done something, it probably generates ideas for when (if) I want to make something decent and that has meaning and such…. Yeah I’ll go with that…. However I commonly just like to throw shit at the page until something decides to stay -_-


I decided on the scenic route

Because the world’s mean without

Provocation or hesitation

Altercation, decapitation

Seems to be commonplace

Kill those lacking a common face

That seems colder than deep space

Now I wait for Death’s embrace

Oh man, I’m a basket case

But I’ll die on my birthday

I’m crazy what can I say?

I can’t live with these standards

Will not turn bone to lanyards

I’m trapped, left home alone

Cutting my skin, just been shown

Such great violence, screams of pain

Watched in silence, it seems insane

That we will do that to others

Then go home and hug our mothers

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