January 12th, 2017by Darkspark

How many choices in life really matter?

People don’t choose how they feel, despite feel good messages proclaiming you just need to choose to be happy. This website is proof of that, different people from all walks of life here for the same purpose.

Despite whats most people seem to believe…We don’t get to choose what we believe. Beliefs are not decisions we are simply compelled to believe or disbelieve based on our own knowledge/experience and emotion/whatever other contributing factors.

Perhaps most tragically we cannot choose who we love. Much less if that love is requited. We can’t choose to fall in love, can’t choose to fallout of it or back into it or not to in the first place….

What can I really choose in life? A career, A job to to make money so I can afford to survive however many more fucking decades dragging by day by day going to work and coming home alone waiting to repeat the cycle.

What do you do when you just don’t care enough to put effort into anything, when you have lost all interest and passion and simply don’t have the drive or desire to anything with your life?

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