Got to thinking

January 5th, 2017by mysteriousvisitor

Sometimes various posts, comments, and conversations on here really get me to thinking about something. Today this came to mind:

We tend to dislike ourselves, often because we either have something diagnosed wrong with us or we just believe there’s something wrong with us. But aren’t people who have problems (physical and mental), as well as the problems themselves, necessary for survival?

Note: I’m using the term selfish here in the broadest sense of the word, and not to mean those who care only about themselves at the cost of others.

Here’s why I say that:

1. When we decide what is undesirable and weak, it is a selfish decision based on our personal prejudices. It’s not natural selection. And just like we have to provide resistance to a muscle to make it stronger, our lives also require resistance to make us stronger. This includes evolution. Our bodies evolve and become stronger in response to hardships. If there were no disease, no natural disasters, no problems, it wouldn’t take long for our species to become so weak that we couldn’t survive. The slightest hiccup in our existence would destroy us because we couldn’t handle it, we couldn’t adapt.

2. The only way you can recognize something for what it is, is if you can compare it to its opposite. Excuse me for borrowing from The Twilight Zone and Taoism, but if everyone on Earth were beautiful the concept of beauty would no longer exist because the concept of ugliness would be gone. What if an alien race landed on Earth that was so breathtakingly beautiful even the loveliest human suddenly looked ugly in comparison? It’s all relative.

3. What about all the gifts that a person has or develops in response to some sort of difficulty in their life? Take caring and compassion. If everybody had an easy, wonderful life, think about what would happen to these qualities. They would almost entirely disappear because people would be able to concentrate 100% on themselves and see no reason to care about anyone else.

In the past, leaders have attempted to create Heaven and ended up creating Hell. We wanted a diamond but instead were given a toaster, but in some dystopian future when we’re starving to death, and diamonds are absolutely worthless, we’re going to be very happy if we can have toast.

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