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Hello. More like hell no

by Firewood


I’m new here. But that’s not important.

I don’t know where to start so…


My whole life is fucked up

I was 6 when i tried to kill myself for the first time. Why?

Cause my abusive father was accused of murdering my brother

And they were interrogating me and my siblings.

Cause my father wasted all the money that were supposed to go for his coffin just to get drunk

Cause i was bullied

Cause i was sexually abused

Cause i had to act like my brother when i was with my mom to keep her sane.

It wasn’t the last time that i tried to off myself



I was sexually abused 5 times

I was bullied

My brother tried to kill me and my mom was on his side

My father stole mafia’s boss money. Ran away with them. Told my mom he was going to kill himself. But no. He just got fucking wasted. He stole his money just to get fucking drunk.

I’m a lesbian. And my parents are really homophobic

I have EDS and i can’t dance (something that i fucking love)

And many more things

I just

2017 is going to be my last year

I’m going to tell my parents that i have a girlfriend

And hope that they’ll kill me

If they won’t

I’ll off myself on my birthday or 10 days later


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Kur0-Nek0 1/29/2017 - 9:45 am


I’m sorry that your parents are like that.

Being sexually abused is awful.
I really hate people who sexually abuse others.
Well, I actually hate everyone who abuses someone else.

It must be hard being lesbian while having homophobic parents.
But you’re who you’re, and they should accept you for who you want to be.

Oh and fuck these bullies.
You’re better than these bullies.
If you can ignore them than ignore them.
I’ve never been bullied myself, so I don’t know what you can do if ignoring them is not an option.

Think about your girlriend before you decided to do suicide.
I’m sure that she loves you, and I’m sure that she’ll miss you.

Greets Kur0-Nek0

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