I hate myself

January 10th, 2017by beautifulsinner

every 40 seconds someone in the world dies by suicide.
every 40 seconds i wish i was one of those people.

i wake up and look at myself in the mirror and hate who i am. i hate my skin, clothes, body face; you name it. it wasnt always like this, really. i used to be so fun and joyful and happy.. what happened? i would die to go back to those times when i loved myself, when i was content with life, when i smiled every day. my life feels like a series of unfortunate events, just happening one after another. its funny because from an outsiders perspective i have it all, im seemingly perfect. why cant i just appreciate this and be happy with myself? i ask myself this every day and i still dont have an answer. im worthless. im nothing. im another collection of atoms in this universe

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