I’ve constantly been in front of a screen for 3 years now

January 3rd, 2017by FlyingCapillary

It happened about 3 years back and swept my life with it. Me being the stinky pig could not stand up. I got a new Nexus tablet and stayed in front of it ALL my waking hours except for bathing. Now I’m hating it. I don’t have anything else to do than be in front of the screen. In college ,at home, everywhere. The screen has seduced me. I’m in a trance. Noo.

I play games, watch YouTube (a ton of YouTube) browse porn, view a ton of entertainment sites and create dank memes, and in general read stuff. This mindless- whole day consumption of online content is not good, simply because of the lack of human contact. We’re all human beings and crave for touch.

I know I don’t sound depressed, I’m not right now. But I was badly depressed for a long time. I have anxiety problems and am taking meds . I stay on stairs in college all day and in front of a screen. This screen is now my master.

I know we’re all addicted to our phones/PC to some extent. But what if you were on your smartphone doing mindless stuff for 18 hours/day, is to normal? I’m getting weird.



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