I’ve never shared a spoken word poem in text form before because I find them too messy but I just wrote this & felt that it needed to be heard…

January 10th, 2017by Baconrind

He dreams


He knew this was no place for him before he knew what this place was.

By the way that they looked at him.

By the way that they spoke to him.

And by the way they wouldn’t speak to him.

He knew this was no place for him when they deemed him to be too different to fit in when he didn’t want to fit in. He just wanted to be himself.

And he knew this was no place for him when he realised that nobody was listening to reason because nobody ever really truly listens.

He barely speaks now

He barely weeps now

He barely sleeps now

But he dreams.

He dreams that the world would stop judging him by the clothes he wears or the bed he shares or the skin he tears.

He dreams that belonging wasn’t based upon similarities but based upon realities.

He dreams that there will come a time where we stop labelling and categorizing people for not fitting into our own definition of right and wrong so we can start accepting them for who they are.

He dreams that there is a place for him.

He dreams that one day, the world will dream with him until dawn, when the sun rises and we’re not dreaming anymore.

And he dreams that we all wake up from the same dream, so that we can become free and then change the world together.

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