Just Wanna say Hi to everyone

January 12th, 2017by A dying soul

(Please forgive me for my bad English,I’m not very much good at it)
Hi I’m 20 yr old girl from India.
I know most of the people here are from UK, US,Australia etc but I’m just curious to know if anybody else is here from India.

I’m not new to this site,I have been a member of this site about 2yrs ago.I forgot my old account’s username and password so I created this new one.

Like others I also found this site when I was searching for the easiest and quick methods to kill myself on google.but somehow I survived and thankfully I reached here.
I have friends but I’m not comfortable to share with them about what I feel. I have nobody with whom I can share my feelings so I think its a perfect place where I can share anything without being judged,because I know people here can perfectly understand what does it feels like to be lonely ,depressed. this is my second post . I used to read each and every daily posts here.

I have posted on this for only once because I’m not much good at English so can’t express my emotions in words .. It feels awkward but from now I’ll try.

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