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January 10th, 2017by shatterediris

Welp no poem thing written today, it’s probably fine though I guess I can take a break sometimes…. I’m way too tired to write…. And I guess I technically kind of may have wrote 4 lines today, however I am not certain as I actually dreamed about them…. They showed up in the form of a tattoo on one of my characters…. I guess she wanted that tattoo and was letting me know either way she has that tattoo now,  I added it to her description thing so I remember that…. I kind of assume I probably saw it somewhere and that it’s not actually a thing spawned from my mind though, as it’s much different than what I write…. I mostly just wanted to check in I guess…. I just ate 6 eggs, and yes that is all I ate today other than a bag of popcorn…. And I am aware that that’s not enough…. I don’t has any money so I can’t exactly buy food, not that I can realistically drive anywhere anyway, there is about a foot of snow on the ground…. And school was canceled today so I didn’t have to go anywhere…. I hope it cancels tomorrow too, it should as it seems to be snowing pre heavily right now….. I may not go even if it isn’t as the streets that I would drive most of the way there are pre bad….. Grrrrrr I have to leave on Wednesday I have an appointment with my counselor on that day and I was stupid and scheduled a study meeting thing with a classmate for that day (they wanted to, and I assumed it couldn’t hurt me at all) so I had to cancel that today…. I feel stupid for not remembering that…. :/ Maybe tomorrow I may just call my counselor and cancel because the weather is pre bad…. I can cancel 24 hours in advance and avoid a fee, which is nice…. I’m sure he’ll understand there is noway that I could get to there from class in 20 minutes anyway…. due to the roads…. Which is what I would need to do -_-


Rawrgh I feel sad that I didn’t write a thing, but I feel too drained to even attempt right now….. I feel so weak, probably from my lack of food over the past 4 or so days…. There isn’t much left other than rice and eggs in my home right now, and my hands hurt way too much to make me want to wash dishes…. They are just so very dry 🙁 I wish I had food that was viable without much effort :/ I would eat then…. -_-


Welp enough of me whining…. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day ^_^ I’m going to go to bed soon, as I will get maybe 5 hours of sleep before I have to wake up to go to school, or at least to check to see if I go to school :/

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