My attempt at a new routine (Poem thing)

January 3rd, 2017by shatterediris

So, I decided I like doing poem things, and I should write them everyday…. So I’ve decided to set aside 15 minutes per day to write one really quickly…. I will maybe post a few here every so often…. Here’s the first one this one took me just under 15 minutes ^_^ it was actually pre challenging and yes I did use some sources other than my own mind every now and then (not much as they are so much slower than my mind is) I do hope this isn’t utter shit…. But Hey if it is…. At least if I keep doing this they will have to get better  ^_^ (right guys? that’s how it works -_-) and it may help sum up how I’m feeling too, which is a nice side effect…. This one was different than I was expecting…. -_-


Sitting in bed, feeling so hollow

Thoughts in my head, making me wallow

Can’t think of what to make of life

Except I should set down the knife

Maybe now I will not slice

My wrist and instead I’ll roll the dice

Take a chance, for awhile

Take a chance? That’s not my style

In here there is no light

I’m locked in a tragic fight

And no, it’s not with a person

The thing in the mirror is what I’m versing

Yes, I am a monster

With this hatred that I foster

Watching as it grows stronger

I can’t stand life much longer


I do kind of hope at least somebody finds this enjoyable -_-

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