Never go to a dessert shop thinking you’ll only get 1 or 2 things!

January 11th, 2017by _darkness

So I finally made it out to civilization today to get some food and run some errands. But instead of getting healthy food, I got the following:

1- I scarfed down TWO illicit slices of pizza. I ate one, thinking okay, just one slice. Did something else, then went BACK and got me *another* slice. o_O
2- I then went to the dessert/bakery shop, was thinking of only getting 1 or 2 mini cakes, came out with SIX things (3 sweet breads / 2 mini cakes / 1 “fruit” cup). Ate 1 sweet bun (put rest away)
3- I then walked past another Sweet Shoppe and got me an order of fried oreo cookies (1 order came with 3 oreos, I ate 1, the rest are in the fridge).
4- The only healthy thing I ate today was the ONE giant cup of veg juice (kale, celery, spinach)
5- I did get some veg sandwiches for tomorrow (have not eaten them yet).

Look what ya did, mysteriousvisitor! You teased me with your fried oreos post yesterday. 😛
Btw, whether you’re eating standing up or in your car, you’ll still get white powdered sugar all over you while trying to eat the oreos…and especially if you’re wearing black… o_O

It’s too unfortunate that desserts / sweet delicious sugary stuff, is so bad for you 🙁
If it were healthy, I’d have made my “healthy” quota for the day…or year…

My sugar-free chocolates are still en route…I couldn’t wait for it to arrive so I caved in to my desires today…so weak…

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