Poem 6 (day 7) Still on track

January 9th, 2017by shatterediris

That’s my new naming convention I hope that it’s okay. I guess this one’s about bed? O.o No idea it’s 12 lines which seems like an odd length, even though it’s even *rim shot* -_- *feels super lame* I really like the first 4 lines in it, I am certain I will probably use those somewhere…. -_- Thanks for reading it if you do.


Nighty nights, go to bed

Make sure that the demon’s fed

Keep dark thoughts from your head

While you lay awake in bed

Fear the monsters in the dark

They smell your blood like a shark

They’ll be sure to leave their mark

When your room and mind is dark

They’ll tear out your beating heart

Eat it, start excreting parts

Onto the wall making abstract art

All with your beating heart

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