Poem 7 (day 9) Argh, no creativity tonight

January 11th, 2017by shatterediris

I just can’t think creative thoughts tonight, probably because I spent it doing other fairly mentally taxing things…. And the lack of food I doubt is helpful -_- oh well here it is. (I did eat a lot of instant noodles though, thanks missinglink for giving me an idea to actually season it myself and such…. I added onion, lime (which for some reason I do have and forgot about) and a few dry spices that I have, it was much better than it normally is ^_^)


I’m thinking way too hard

Suffering from writer’s block

Ideas dead, in a graveyard

I must practice to unlock

What’s hiding inside of me

Potential skill, that’s rotting

No new thoughts, delight me

Thoughts can’t flow, mind’s clogging

Something hits me, It is brilliant

I’ll forget, so I write it down

Wish my brain would be resilient

Eyes grow heavy, like my frown

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