Pursuit of Happiness

January 9th, 2017by MyCalamity

Like many people on here, I have nothing to live for, and I can’t hold on to anything to anchor me in this world. I am depressed, am riddled with self loathing and a past that haunts me.
However, I am alive. Sometimes I ask myself why, and I have no answer. I’m not a very hopeful person, however I push on. What keeps me going is the possibility that I might one day care for my own life. If I can find something to hold on to, maybe I won’t drift out to sea.
You see, I’ve learned that even when you feel like you are drowning, you can’t give up. Because one day, no matter how long it will take, one day you may submerge. Stronger.
So to anyone thinking to take their lives, remember you aren’t alone. And sometimes the salvation is closer than you may expect.

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