This is 70% of my story and why i am called sadlife958

  January 26th, 2017 by sadlife958

This part took place almost A YEAR AGO and yes this use to be the happy me from last year although my happiness in seeing a future only lasted for a month



I saved up money hard and I helped out my mom at the same time I ignored the fact that I was still  single I just kept at it with honestly and respectfully I gave it my all and I somehow managed to did this


Ok so far we are still viewing last year and yes That’s right I succeeded, this successful moment was taken place last year date was on March 1st of 2016 I paid off all my PERSONAL debts I looked ahead, my path was green it was soo good and yes at times I starved myself to compensate for my budget I was on my own my mother didn’t give me anything not 1$ nothing

I don’t know what’s wrong with me why I did this but I bought her a brand new TV from best buy  4K to replace the TV that was old and losing picture . I did this because my mom is a widow my dad passed away when I was 17 left a ridiculous debt buildings and a house complete drain to my life because my mother refused to let it go even if it would sacrifice her own children’s future & happiness the result of this today borrowing money from family friends and uncles that I got involved in just to try and keep the property’s even though we lost them accept for this stupid house we still owe thousands on top of lawyers fee I had much more $ triple more of what’s on my bank account screen shot but I gave to my mom for her to keep everything this is hard for me to write but I must finish READERS that can relate or those following along please PLEASE live for your self because watch how I ended up. So far were still on the date of last year. My father since when I was a child he would record conversations over the phone and he would keep important phone calls in cassettes everything family feuds all that. It tool me 5 years to hear all of it and when I finished listening to all the tapes I felt bad for my mom my dad treated her like shit he did a lot of stuff behind her back enough to make me cry the stuff I heard was traumatizing he never put me or my mom in his will on the property’s . That’s when I DECIDED TO HELP HER even though I swore that I wasn’t still. The Mercedes was another issue I already made an sp about it long story short I crashed it around this time to. Ok now let’s go to today’s date


this is what my bank and credit looks now this is what I drive


That’s right somehow I ended up here this car I bought from my cousin and it was a disaster I only drove it for 6 thousand miles in one year and I spent 4 thousand on repairs now it’s settled down and drives good I’m keeping it because I have no other to buy. Lol  now the window switch broke and since the windows were down at the time when it broke I am forced to wrap the window with plastic and it’s cold but anyways back to the story

I don’t know where to start there is a lot more that has to do with girls but what’s there to say when I’ve been single my whole life. My mom is lucky she has the house she dreamed to have hahaha congratulations mom I hope it was worth it. My mom just recently walked into my room I haven’t seen her in 2 weeks and she came in saying “hi I got a call and you know we owe money to my friend righg” I go with no energy “ok how much do they need” she said “you don’t have to pay them back everything just give them ten thousand for now” I’m like WTF and she leaves I dident get a “thank you I appreciate what you did and how much you helped me” nothing wow just wow I hope all of you can benefit from this it took me a while to write all this there is soo much more so much important info but I don’t want to bore you more than I already have and this is enough as it is although I wish I could provide pictures of the work I did in my buildings.

Seems my tax money is going to our family friend it was for the building I was doing hard labor repairs and my mom was taking the rent money and using it for the house that’s how we lost the building that I’m stuck paying my her lawyer and our family friend I am 85 thousand in debt I make about $400 a week with zero support this is why I used up what I had left in credit to have an anime figure collection I made an sp on that last week.

There isn’t much to say anymore this is the truth my deadline is after I get my taxes.

Screenshot_20170124-200440Screenshot_20170120-142435I’m tired and all alone but until than I will still PUSH!!! Even though I lost even though it’s useless I’ll still push even though I’ll eventually end it money is not everything to me it’s being at peace with everyone with family I just that I want to change the environment for the better I want to be useful not a slave but this is how it is 

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