This Really Made My Day

  January 31st, 2017 by sadlife958


Despite last night my mom randomly yelling at me about bills about paying this paying that so I for the first time in my life of 26 yrs told her “GET LOST” “Your not my mom when all you want is money for nothing” I didn’t curse or nothing I’m tired of her only conversations we have is for bills bills mortgage house I always “say sell it” “this house ruined my life I didn’t sign up for this if you love your kids please sell it” bit that’s right the house isn’t completely in her name yet my dad never left a will for us but we chose to still go and keep and I keep telling  her but it’s a lost cause I will never mention the house to her anymore. but it’s my fault for feeding and giving everything and helping out since I don’t have a dad anyways short after I UNBOXED MY PACAKAGEIMAG0862I did However break the thumb of saskue from the sword but I glued his thumb back it does bother me that it broke but it’s 100% unnoticeable

I can’t wait to go home from work and look at it. I’m depressed sad and lonely but I’m happy thanks to this IMAG0860

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