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by chinadoll4

So… Donald Trump is the President of the United States…
I typed in “who is the president,” and Barack Obama came up. The clock switched, and I did it again. This time it was Trump’s mangly face smiling as if he just let one loose in the room and the blame was passed to the dog.
I swear, this joke of a man managed to pull off one of the greatest feats of the modern day. One hell of a farce he pulled out of his ass, huh?
I’m sitting here in class right now. My work is done, so I decided to go to youtube and watch the livestream of the inauguration. My hair is hiding my face and my sleeve is silencing the choked out sobs. I know, I know. It souonds like bullshit, but I’m trying to be honest to the only people who I know I’ll probably never meet in real life. It’s easier that way, so I’ll talk here.
But yeah. I’m a 15 year old child who fears for her future. I hear the name Obama and am filled with respect and admiration. At first, I laughed as if Trump being in office was a joke. But now it’s real, and the fear sets in. My friends are immigrants, some illegal. A good portion of them have already fled. My friends are afraid for their families. My teachers are afraid for their jobs. My mom is afraid for the economy. I’m afraid for the future of America. I’ve gotta go. Time to switch classes.


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The Last Snorlax 1/20/2017 - 1:24 pm

if the world does go all Mad Max, then at least we have already watched the movies and are prepared
also in class we learned:
go for the head,
double tap,
beware of bathrooms,
travel light,
it’s a marathon not a sprint(unless it’s a sprint, then sprint),
double-knot your shoes,
the buddy system,
check the back seat,
and, Enjoy the little things

and should the world blow up in a SkyNet or nuclear explosion, well, doesn’t matter much then does it,
so might as well still follow rule 32 of Zombieland: Enjoy the little things,
just in case.

SeeSmith 1/20/2017 - 4:02 pm

God, I hate Twinkies.

sadlife958 1/20/2017 - 1:26 pm

Yeah I wish the best for you all I might not live to see how things will turn out

Redandpurple 1/20/2017 - 3:42 pm

I’m so sorry for how you and your friends must be feeling right now.

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