Welp I said I’d do it Day 2 Poem thing

January 4th, 2017by shatterediris

Grrrr I don’t feel okay today, and this took me thirty minutes and is worse than my normal low quality of shitty poem thing…. But I have to share it to keep the routine going, I feel like I’ll let it slip away from me if I don’t…. and yeah it ends weirdly but I was just done at that point…. It’s very kind of bipolar too…. Maybe that was my problem…. But I am hyper and my mind is pre scattered due to it right now…. But that’s an excuse, nothing excuses this thing’s existence -_- (I have always wanted to write a thing that Rhymes existence with persistence for some reason…. maybe tomorrow will….)

Yeah Today I’m felling hyper

Moving so very fast

Like a bullet from a sniper

Went to my first class

And no, not a private plane

The back looks so inviting

Vanishing like David Blaine

Hiding from what’s inciting

All of my anxiety

Which is everyone

Everybody in society

Lonely like the midnight sun

Yet I run from everyone…..



welp I hope somebody got a chuckle from it, some of the images and such may be mildly entertaining…. -_-

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