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What to do? Death?

by lxmyrick

Hey SP,

I post rarely, but when I do, it is normally impotent to me.  I understand if no one once to hear me, I’m used to it, but if you read this, please help.

So I doing a bunch of midterm, and I don’t give a fuck.  There are so many things that are learned in school that is a waste of time.  For example, foreign language even though today’s modern day uses technology.  Also I am not a dummy, but I’m not a genius, but everyone wants me be a straight A student.  I have a few choices in life, but not enough to control my life.  I don’t know what to do because once I’m done with school, what will I do.  So I’m not living my own life the way I want to, and I can’t take care of my self, so it seems like death is my best answer.  I have supplies need to end my life, know I just need to take the next step and do it.

Please help me!!!!!


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SeeSmith 1/3/2017 - 5:50 pm

Language studies help rewire your brain and teaches you new ways to approach problems. I hardly think that is useless.

You are walking around with blinders on and can’t see the big picture. Everything in front of you looks boring or shitty because you can’t see how everything interrelates.

There are people around you that want you to make As not because they are trying to burden you but because it fucking makes sense to shoot for that. Mastering what you are stuck with learning now is good practice for mastering what you want to learn tomorrow.

Yes it sucks. Yes it is arbitrary. Yes, none of us have much of an idea what we’re going to do tomorrow. But tomorrow comes and it may not be sucky. You may give yourself a purpose. You may have an opportunity to chose the direction you want to go.

Right now you are particularly bad at realistically calculating the odds of things becoming better or worse. I suggest staying alive a bit longer.

Atintofgreen 1/3/2017 - 6:39 pm

I would suggest looking for summer internships(opportunity to network). Go to your adviser and ask him to help you find one. Look/search for certificates such as certified nursing assistant (they take less time) or things you can do straight out of high school such as pharmacy technician. Finding something small will allow you to find stability while you figure out what to do next. Hope this helps ^_^

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