Wits End

January 4th, 2017by Old_Medic60

I’ve put up with these painful esophageal spasms for some time. Cannot eat or drink without painful spasms, chest pain and aspiration. Been to specialists but no one has any idea what to do.
Secondly, been homeless for a year now, living in hotels, friends and my car. I’m 56 and really a battle with everyday life. Tried intimacy the other day and that didn’t work. Had been abstinate for nearly 4 years and what a let down for both of us.
I have my ‘exit bag’ ready always available in my car. Going to a different hospital today and if no answers will end this miserable creation God made. I don’t belong in this world. Can’t even father kids. Messed up life. Be dead in a few months or years anyway.

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