I am human and I need to be loved

February 17th, 2017by missingLink

Just like everybody else does.

Ah, k perhaps Hatful of hollow wasn’t the happiest record to put under the needle but I’ve had a productive couple of days sorting, tidying my flat.. O_o Making it nice.. O_O So I hopefully no longer look and feel like a hoarder and I will be far more motivated to paint and much more easier to do so. It has been quite emotional (even minus Morrissey) coming across things from the past and quite lengthy too (I’m so easily distrac- bee!!) and I’m such a flipping emo all it takes is a receipt or hair of a previous colour for me to reminisce but I’m nearly there and it’s getting easier- I might be able to vacuum soon.. @_@
I guess the reason I am posting this (apart from being for those who talk to me) is for anyone in a similar situation to me or not, I strongly recommend it. It’s emotional and at first its incredibly hard but once you get going you start to feel a faint sense of pride and suddenly the metaphorical cage that you live in is slightly easier to bear and even has a hint of feng-sui about it.. It occupies and cleanses the mind and once it’s done there’s more room (“we can do so many activities!!”) to be creative and process. Dont get me wrong, I could easily be posting tomorrow or the next day from a bridge or pre- blade but just perhaps I won’t for just a little while longer for having done this. All I can think about is getting it done so I can fill my sketchbooks and my walls.. Much love to all. I would not have even made it this far without you and I mean that, I’m not just saying it. Xxxx

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