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I’m Back!

by souptool

so my last suicide attempt ended up with me going to jail for 4 months. Now I’m in rehab for at least 4 months.


I took a box of sleeping pills and got drunk, apparently I decided to go for a drive, my ex said I was going to her place. I remember I wanted to jump off her building at one point, so I was probably trying to do that.


I stole a bottle of liquor from the store and Cops got called, when they caught up with me I took them on a high speed car chase.

Got arrested, spent 4 months in jail.

I’m happy I’m alive now, but I still get depressed from time to time. Like today. Life’s not always rosy, but I’m working on my problems now. Hopefully it works out for the best. I just want to be happy. So I take things day by day.


Lots of love to those still struggling. Hope it works out for the best. Get help if you can, don’t be scared to tell people how your feeling. Chances are someone out there cares enough to help you start recovering. Talk to a doctor. Talk to anyone who will listen.

Worst comes to worst talk to me. I know what it’s like to want nothing more than to die. And I know what it’s like to want to be happy for a change.

Have a good night guys, be safe.


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Morris 2/23/2017 - 11:56 pm

If you’re featured on an episode of COPS definitely post a link here.
I love that show. Shirtless guys smoking a Marlboro while they’re lying to the police are always entertaining.
You thought you’d outrun the police? Really?
Did you know the police have helicopters? Can you outrun The Eye in The Sky?
If you got married in jail I hope you were the groom and not the bride.

souptool 2/24/2017 - 6:34 pm

Well I’ve done it before but then again I was blacked out from talking a box of sleeping pills then taking all my meds and downing a bottle of rum so I don’t even remember getting in the car just remember waking up in a hospital bed strapped down and attached to a bunch of wires and even that’s a little fuzzy. So MAYBE I might not have been in a position to make a good judgment call but then again I was trying to kill myself and going to jail makes it 10 times harder.

And I don’t live in the states so we don’t have helicopters following us around here car chases aren’t all that common

Anyways go fuck yourself sideways.

Just wanted to let my old friends on here know that I’m OK and I haven’t seen any of them on lately so if your out there hope things aren’t going to shitty for you or that your in a better place.

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