February 16th, 2017by thehusk

How do you deal with the sheer fucking sadness of it all? I’m tired of trying to numb my awareness of it. There’s so much potential for good in the world that just gets crushed, for the stupidest random reasons. How do you make yourself ok with that? Without on some level denying that these are real people, with hopes and dreams. That they are you, just a little further down the road. It’s such a fucking shame, all of it. Such a waste. And there’s so little any of us can do about it.

How do you make yourself ok with that, without living in denial? I’ve never worked out a healthy way to deal with sadness, grief, loss, regret. To deal with the fact that this world isn’t made for us, and we’re clinging on to it with fingernails that will inevitably break.

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