This Is What I Did At Work Today To Cheer Myself Up

  February 3rd, 2017 by sadlife958

I am sooo depressed, lonely, damaged and bored so I wanted to make my Friday interesting at work especially since there is so many happy people at my job who get everything and who are happy so I was like hey why not fuck with these happy people with there simple life hahaha
OK so I did this in the bathroom
so no one can use it but me hahaha I reserved it for me and let a few other Co workers (who I trust) we’re warned about my  joke. I did this also because a lot of coworkers talk too much crap about me (how lonely and lazy I am and a lot of stuff) so fine no one is gonna use the bathroom except me lmao I attack with humor/kindness. Thought I’d be funny to share here are the pictures you’ll understand 🙂 hahhahah
Screenshot_20170203-155709doesn’t it look like someone is in the bathroom?

I had it like this for about 3 hours and one coworker(who I don’t like) banged on the opposite side of the wall which is right next to where my working place is and he yells “GET OFF THE FUCKIN TOILET”

I go to him “hey what happened why we’re you banging on the wall to the bathroom?”
He goes “Some asshole is still in the bathroom and it’s been over an hour like come on!”
He than went up stairs(I guess to report it) I quickly rush in the bathroom with a bag took my boots and all other accessories and shoved it in my locker. Hahhahahahah paybacks a ***** I’ve been laughing all day the other three people who knew were dying with laughter. This is what happens when you don’t mind your business and kiss the boss’s ads by snitching you end up looking stupid.
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