Good and Bad

March 20th, 2017by Black_Heart2001

There are good days. Then there are the bad days to counteract those and it always seems like those bad days will be 10, 20 times worse than the good days ever were. The good days were euphoric, you know? They made me genuinely happy and for a while I thought nothing would happen. Then the bad days came – and they weren’t just the bad days where you wanted to cry and sleep. No, my bad days were like that. The bad days I had were the embodiment of hell on earth, where nothing was okay and nothing was good. It was more than being sad, it was as though I wanted to destroy myself, as though I wanted nothing more to grab the essence of who I was and tear that apart. It was as though I didn’t just want to tear myself apart, I wanted to erase myself from this world and the history of it.

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