It is what it is.

March 20th, 2017by wanted85

Life lately has just gone from feeling like I want to be done with this life to feeling like I want to be even more done with this life. I’m so tired of trying to pretend I’m ok around everyone and then loosing it once I’m alone. i have people I can text but I feel like it’s always the same feelings of hopelessness every night and i feel annoying. Plus I’ve trained myself to deal with my pain alone. I’ve become that girl who sits at home and drinks tequila till she can’t feel. I went out for the holiday last Friday and ended  up being a bitch to the one person who’s been here for me my whole life. I left her at the club so I could go get a safe ride home for us but I still left her then I was bitch about her being mad at me for leaving her. Then she had her man come get her. She’s speaking to me again but who knows for how long I wouldn’t speak to me I’m a pos.

oh and the dude who gave us a ride home yeah he was in my bed the next morning. GREAT Drunk me is a whore. I’m really not 100% sure what happened, I didn’t even remember his name. Had to go through the wallet to figure that one out. This is why I sit at home and drink and don’t leave the apartment. Because the only thing that can happen is I cut to deep and eventually die which would be amazing but I’m not that lucky. So over this thing called life.

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