late night high: bees

  March 23rd, 2017 by death bunny

this post can come off as boring, but some of you could find this interesting.

yesterday, like everyday in the past couple of months, i got high. it’s usually what’s letting me sleep these days. somehow i got thinking about bees. why do they sting? the short answer is because they sense danger. well, danger can mean death, but it can also mean surviving – while stinging will definitely kill them. so why do they sting? thank humanity for google. apparently, it’s an instinct. the death, quite gruesome too – “When a honey bee stings a person, it cannot pull the barbed stinger back out. It leaves behind not only the stinger, but also part of its abdomen and digestive tract, plus muscles and nerves. This massive abdominal rupture kills the honey bee”. and the best thing is it does not harm their evolutionary fitness.

so what does that say on a philosophical level?
the way i see it, it’s like suicide, only instinctive. every honey bee will kill itself when in a certain amount of danger. so will humans. every human has a limit. imagine if suicide was instinctive as with bees. there would hardly be any of us left. that would’ve destroy us. so we have morals, and we have fears and many, many walls to break until we can pull the plug and die. it’s just the way of humanity – to prolong our experience of danger and dwell in it. maybe – not to sound too hopeful – in order to protect us. this way, only one percent manages to break every wall and get to the other side.

what do you think?

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