Stupidity is killing me

March 20th, 2017by Lennie Cohen

I deal with some of the most stupid human beings in the world. These are low skill sales people meaning they arent selling complicated products so anyone with a pulse can get licensed and certified to sell the products. I’m getting emails asking “whats the password for the webinar” even though it’s clearly listed on the email. I have people asking me in a snarky way for the physical address of the training as if I’m a moron and forgot to list an address. Hello! Sh1t for brains!!!! It’s a WEBINAR!!!!!!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. They are so stupid and they don’t know they’re stupid. This makes dealing with my treatment resistant major depressive disorder and anxiety almost impossible. I am suicidal every day just due to the depression but then there are the morons I have to figure out how to answer their stupid questions without sounding patronizing. It emotionally drains me.

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