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by Vilhelm

Right, this is my first post on this site. I’m 16, Cliche angsty teenager. Depressed, Anxious, Low Self esteem, paranoid etc. The full package basically. Recently my parents have discovered about the cutting (and have guessed about the depression from that), and are trying to force me into counselling because of it. I’ve been to counselling before for anxiety, but it did sweet fuck all. Question is, do I do it again? I feel like it would be helpful, because, like everyone else here, I’ve tried to kill myself, and do genuinely want to get better, but can’t see a way of doing it by myself. If anyone has any advice on this, it would certainly help me through this decision, thanks



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SadPotato 4/10/2017 - 6:32 pm

I think you should go to counseling. Like you said, you want to get better, but you know you can’t do it alone. Counseling can potentially help with that. You’ve got nothing to lose. Also, if you haven’t already, maybe open up to your parents. It seems that they care about you, and you can open up to let them support you. Talk to them about why you’re feeling this way.

mstewart1973 4/10/2017 - 7:31 pm

Counseling. It’s good. But you have to get a good one. For every good one it seems like there’s several that suck. Don’t give up. I just went to see mine. I’m old as dirt lol. But nevertheless, I went. Sometimes what they say doesn’t matter, it’s what you get out of you. that’s good. It’s a process and it’s hard work. But I really want to be a functioning member of society (corny but true). I’ve been fighting for a long time. And life can be hard. I think life really is like art. But We have to be willing and looking to see the beauty. And not be so caught up in what we wish it was, compared to what it is. And willing to know the difference. That serenity prayer?

29andmiserable 4/10/2017 - 9:04 pm

Honestly, just something blunt and to the point…what would you have to lose if you went? Your parents would pay for it. Why not give it another shot???

wuxintc7250 4/10/2017 - 10:14 pm

Hi, Vilhelm.

I have read your post carefully, from your words what I see is that you fully understood your stituation and the importance of getting help, like you said, you want to get better and need someone assisting you. Another thing I noticed is that you used words like “cliche”, “full package”, which seems to me that you are trying to evaluate yourself from an objective stand point. Don’t be mistaken, it is a valuable talent, but it may cause you trouble too. You are probably being too harsh on yourself, you are telling yourself that “I can’t make a mistake again”.

I fully understand that fear, I suffered from that backfire after failing my counseling, I told myself “I can’t be cured”, and isolated myself from any help. It was a kind of relief to think the way that my problems are permanent, I kept telling myself the fact that I could commit suicide any time I like, and I don’t need to resolve anything any more. And I proved it is the wrong way now. I do believe in the rights to commit suicide, but based on that, people have the obligation to try to get help. Your parents definitely care about your feelings, what I suggest is that you coul open up to them, you could tell them your considerations about the counseling. If they understand what depression is, I don’t think they would force you to take what you repel.

If you decide to do it, try to find a counselor that cope with you well, be selective, the effect of the actual thing mostly depends on the relationship between visitor and counslor.

That’s all. Hope it could help you decision.
Ps: Apologize for my English
Pps: Chat with me if you like

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