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It All Comes Right Back

by brxken._.lxcks

I’m becoming suicidal again. The meds aren’t working anymore. I want to kill myself. I’m back to the person I was, and call me crazy, but I like it, I had missed it. i want to be dead i dont want to be here, i might run away with someone and its going to be soon



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scottflorida 4/21/2017 - 9:28 am

have you ever tried Suboxone. I just wrote a post about what it did for me. It is used mainly for addicts come off drugs but it is an amazing anti-depressant. It is unlike all the traditional anti-depressants that I dont think work. This drug acts like a narcotic that tricks your brain into blocking physical pain but the emotional benefits are more amazing. They are just starting to test it for depression but years away from FDA approval. If you are in deep depression or feel like you are slipping into it, I would suggest getting to a Dr that can prescribe it. Talk to them and odds are, they have heard about its benefits for depression.I will promise you,within HOURS, not days or weeks, you will start feeling….not happy but notdepressed. Its hard to describe but look at it this way, if your current meedications are not working, what do you have to lose. Try it for a few days but I would be willing to bet, it will help. Please talk to your dr,call and see if they are approved to prescribe it(They have to have a special license to prescribe it) and you will be amazed how you feel after. Good luck and know there are strangers out there that care about you

BlueDiamond 4/21/2017 - 8:33 pm

I sometimes think that my meds never worked. I agreed with you, but not encouraging you. What the point of staying here?

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