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It feels pointless

by youwouldntrealise

Society is fucked.
technology, global warming, heartbreak, terrorism, education, hunting, confusion, rape, hurt, forget, mental, physical, wind, drugs, help, loneliness, words, carelessness, alcohol, anger, death, cold, disease, cancer, unlucky, fat, freak, people, bullying, OCD, regrets, disasters, accidents, sex, darkness, money, nightmares, selfish, complications, stress, hatred, no hope, self hatred, pain, fashion, depression, expectations, selfishness, judgement, materialism, love, height, weight, feelings, looks, appearance, care, tears, sadness, anxiety.
Take a step back and look @ this world.
Whats the point.


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braiNsane 4/4/2017 - 5:05 pm

I guess the point is to try to be none of the things you hate

I struggle, everyday

I understand

a1957 4/4/2017 - 6:35 pm

braiNsane said that so eloquently. Everything she said there is true.
The world does have all that shit you listed in it. Everything you said there is true.
I make my world into one I can tolerate and sometimes enjoy.
If I can’t manage to shape my world then I probably need to get out of it.

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