Never Going to be a Mother

April 20th, 2017by BlueDiamond

Once a day, I will come on this web-site and ***** about something.

I will never get married. I’m 25 already, and never been in a relationship. Men only see me as a sex object, literally they ruin my life, no matter how much I avoid them. I knew that this was my fate after high school, but I wouldn’t lose hope. I can forgive the men, and be fine with never being married because why would I want to look into his dead cold eyes everyday? I want to become a choice mom, rather be a mom then a wife for some useless piece of garbage. I would get artificially inseminated by blond haired blue eyed guy with a maybe a master’s degree or doctorate degree, pass on some good ole’ genes for my kids, and I would have a decent paying job, not living off the high hog.

I would never want to be on disability and have kids. What kind of role model would I be? Tell my kids that I didn’t make it, and here they are maybe going to suffer the same fate. If I had a son, I wasn’t going to tell him about my dislike for men, instead I would tell him that it just doesn’t work out for some people.
The world doesn’t want me, so why would they want my kids? Can never hold onto a job, and then I go to school. I’m like a dog chasing my tail. Just the same old book. How can I bring children into this world, knowing that dreams don’t come true? Maybe never bringing them in this world, is the ultimate love a mother can do? If I adopt, I feel like some sucker conned into raising another person’s child, who was selfish enough to bring this child into the world. It’s like telling me that “Hey, you weren’t good enough to have children, so you can raise somebody else’s.” Look, I think adoption is wonderful, but not for me. The world can kiss my ass.

I hate two things that start with the letter M: Men and Managers.

Last thing before I go. Here’s two clips that express my hatred for managers, which I can rant about tomorrow.

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