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by Rotted_Flesh

has to go exactly as planned or the consequences will be severe. He has to say exactly what I want to hear and I have to convey particularly what I want to get across. In the meantime the anxiety is making me go nuts, so I have ripped my skin open again with a razor to bring me back to reality. Everything rides on how it goes tomorrow. If things don’t go my way I have stockpiled a massive amount of medications and I plan on attempting to take my life, if I survive MAYBE PEOPLE WILL FUCKING LISTEN TO ME instead of just turning the other way any time I try to speak up. Stupid fucks. They want to pigeonhole me into being this idiot that’s suicidal with anger problems and that’s “unfixable”.  Well hey, I’ll tell you what, I know exactly what you’re thinking and I know exactly what your intentions are you hollow motherfuckers. I’ve been around the block a few times and am the furthest thing from naive. You want to fuck with me? Oh please do… I have absolutely nothing to lose, I do not care about going to jail for whatever is going to come. I’ve already been dead for 10 years, like I said… nothing to lose…


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