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I am here to tell you one thing. Death isn’t my solution, it is my hideaway spot. The place I dream about when things get bad, the place I think about when I want to end things, but cant bring myself to do it. I find it comforting to dream about what could be if I died, but then it begins to scare me, it begins to make me feel alone, and sometimes I don’t know what to do. How to handle life, how to keep going. Im so tired of struggling, so tired of living off of nothing, having to rely on others, I hate it. I use this site as an outlet, helping others, well, it helps me. Why? Because it gives me a purpose, Im not saying I use you guys to make me feel better, I want to help I want to make you guys in a better place. And I will help until my last breath, whenever that may be.

So, if you guys need anything, let me know, I will always be here, I am active on here many hours a day, whenever Im at my girlfriends house anyway to use her computer, but anyway, if you need anything guys, email me at cgreenawalt0420@gmail.com

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Fighting-For-Good 4/20/2017 - 5:59 pm

Thanks! U dont need to go overboard, by saying you feel better by helping. Of course u should, its part of the big reward you get from helping.
Good deeds desreve good rewards.

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