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Will they think of me?

by justanothergirl09

Yeah Ever since I watched 13 Reasons Why, thoughts of death have crossed my mind. I started wondering why I couldn’t be as brave as Hannah Baker; why I didn’t have the courage to end it all. I then started thinking about my coworkers. I started working at a restaurant four weeks ago and ever since I watched the show I’ve been thinking about how they would react to my death. I always make them laugh and tell them things customers say so I can get a reaction out of them. I wonder if they’ll miss my laugh, my voice. The cooks, will they regret not have gotten close to me when they had the chance? Will they regret all the moments they got annoyed with me? Will they hear someone yell an order and think of me? Will they see someone clean the salad bar and think of me? What about the sushi chef? Will he wish he had been friendlier to me? What about my manager? Will she laugh again like she does with me? Will she be able to hear the same jokes I once told her? Will they all miss me? I’m just a newbie after all.


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wanttodie2 4/26/2017 - 1:40 am

I think people are selfish, they dont really care about us, even if we care about them. Maybe they will be sad at first, but some days later they will totally forget.
But your family certanly will think about you a lot. You should think about them before do something.

Fighting-For-Good 4/26/2017 - 1:03 pm

Is it important?

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