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at night 2.0

by plasticflower

night shift again. it’s currently 1:30am and, to no one’s surprise, i can’t sleep. also my finger hurts quite a lot.
today i finally had some alone time before work though, which i highly appreciate. i’m rarely by myself these days. maybe that’s why i like the night time; because everyone but me sleeps.
life has been very weird recently, but i don’t know why. probably because i’m trying to be a responsible adult who always makes good choices and doesn’t do stupid stuff, as if that wasn’t my life 7 months ago. the issue being just /trying/ to grow up. i think that’s something that you can’t force, though it may be just an excuse and i’m not aware of it. either way, life is weird.

anyways, work was okay. it got a bit busy for just one person, but somehow i managed to pull through the night. i work tomorrow and then two days off, which is nice.
my posts always sound like i’m complaining, which is exactly what i always do, so i’ll finish this one with remembering that i had ice cream today and it was pretty good.

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