No hope left

May 19th, 2017by ryan50

I was once a successful pharmacist. Educated in the best colleges. Did everything society said we should do. Now at 50 no one wants me. My 20 yrs experience is now worthless, Ive been homeless living in my car for a year now. Its been impossible to find work. I found one temporary assignment awhile back and thats it. No one will hire me. Not anyone, any job, Im over qualified. It makes no sense to people. Ive been wanting to end my life for many months now. Im very close to the end, no job, Ive lost everything, I have two 50 dollar bills to my name. Bad business decisions and a divorce didnt help but it realy doesnt matter now. The option of even obtaining work isnt even a realistic option any more. Im ready to end my life now, There is no hope. Its very easy to say have hope but reality is reality. Im beyond tired . My days now I spend reading the best way to take my life. Ive learned partial hanging is painless. Some times in life there is no other option.

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