Why am i alive

May 25th, 2017by ImSayingGoodBye

Seriously… why the f am I here? I just don’t get myself.. everything planned is ready. The tools are placed. But I’m making excuses. Why? I keep telling myself “eventually it’s over, but stay a few months longer for the hell of it” I bought a computer for games. Considering I spend most of my time now.. hiding from sound. I had surgery to fix my ears.. didint work.. we’re going for another attempt/ approach in a month.. I don’t know why I’m trying to fix myself when I’m just going to suicide soon. I guess I’m just scared and I still wanna live in this everyday nightmare. Truthfully that’s probably it. I’m scared of where I am going, which is unknown, almost as much as Im scared of living here. This battle sucks. Can anyone relate? Anyone load the gun (metaphorically speaking) and keep hesitating to pull the trigger?

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